The U.S. Postal Service Implements Significant Alterations in Mail and Package Delivery Methods

The United States Postal Service is growing its electric delivery vehicle fleet by adding more than 9,000 electric vehicles produced by Ford.

The USPS has inked deals to buy 9,250 electric vehicles (EVs) from Ford and intends to set up 14,000 charging stations nationwide to support its electric vehicle fleet.

Initially, the USPS aimed for just 10% of its upcoming vehicle fleet to be electric, with the remaining 90% being gas-powered. However, due to public pressure, they’ve increased their commitment to over 40%, which translates to approximately 34,000 EVs.

In December, the USPS revealed its plan to allocate $3 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act to boost its adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). According to Reuters, the postal service aims to purchase 66,000 electric vehicles by the conclusion of 2028, transitioning to an all-electric fleet after 2026.

Currently, the USPS has initiated the installation of additional charging stations across 75 locations. As reported by Reuters, Ford will manufacture these vehicles in Missouri and is scheduled to commence deliveries of the promised EVs in December 2023.

Expanding the use of electric vehicles is a positive step for the environment, offering a significant opportunity to reduce the consumption of polluting fossil fuels, which harm our communities and contribute to global warming.

Postmaster General DeJoy stated, “We are moving ahead with our plans to enhance our services, lower costs, increase revenue, and create a better working environment for our employees. The electrification of our vehicle fleet is now a crucial part of these efforts. We have devised a strategy that addresses both cost and deployment risks, allowing us to kickstart this initiative immediately.”

Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, a strong advocate for electric vehicles, has given his approval to the plan and expressed his intention to closely monitor the USPS’s utilization of its funds. In a statement, he emphasized his longstanding push for the Postal Service to invest in American-made, union-built electric delivery trucks and commended the announcement that they will acquire safe and efficient electric trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Company in collaboration with United Auto Workers members.

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