U.S. Capitol Doctor Confirms Mitch McConnell’s ‘Medical Clearance’ for Continued Work

The Capitol’s attending physician mentioned that they had discussed the matter with the neurology team of the Republican leader and noted that experiencing occasional lightheadedness is a typical occurrence during concussion recovery.

Following an incident where Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell experienced a momentary lapse during a public appearance, Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician for the U.S. Capitol, has confirmed that McConnell is medically fit to continue his work. Dr. Monahan, after consulting with McConnell and his neurology team, attributed the episodes of lightheadedness to potential lingering effects from McConnell’s concussion in March and dehydration. This marks the first acknowledgment from McConnell’s team regarding the source of his recent health concerns.

Notably, McConnell had faced other health incidents, including a fall at a Washington hotel and a brief pause during a press conference. Despite these incidents, McConnell’s office insists he is in good health to fulfill his responsibilities as Senate leader.

During a briefing at FEMA headquarters regarding Hurricane Idalia, President Biden mentioned his recent conversation with Senator McConnell, a former Senate colleague whom he referred to as “a friend.”

Biden noted, “Senator McConnell was his usual self on the phone,” and, drawing from his own experience surviving two brain aneurysms in 1988, he added, “Having some understanding of dealing with neurosurgeons and people… It’s not uncommon to observe the response that can occur after a severe concussion.”

“In essence, it’s a part of the recovery process,” Biden continued. “So, I have confidence that Senator McConnell will return to his typical self.”

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