Top 10 States Where People Give the Best and Worst Tips in the U.S.

Americans are increasingly tipping more due to digital payment technology, according to LendingTree. Californians lead with a generous 22.69% average tip, followed by Missouri at 22.05%. The national average rests at 17.94%.

Despite the heated debate over “tipflation,” 60% of Americans say they tip more often than before thanks to the rise in digital payment technology, LendingTree found earlier this year.

But a new survey by USA Today Blueprint and OnePoll1 finds that some states are more generous than others when it comes to leaving a gratuity.

A survey of 5,000 Americans, with 100 participants from each state, inquired about their tipping habits in various situations such as restaurants, food delivery, and personal services.

Residents of California were the most generous, leaving an average tip of 22.69%. Missouri residents came in a close second, with an average gratuity of 22.05%. On a national scale, the average tip percentage across the United States was 17.94%.

For instance, if you dined at a restaurant in California and left a tip equal to the state’s average of 22.69%, a $75 bill would amount to approximately $92.01 (pre-tax).

Conversely, in Georgia, which ranks last on the list of the top 10 best tipping states, that same $75 check would add up to $89.25 after the tip (pre-tax).

Certain states are less generous when it comes to tipping, with Illinois residents typically leaving an average gratuity of 14.22%, which is almost 8.5% less than their counterparts in California.

Here are the 10 states where tipping is the lowest.

According to research, Millennials are the most generous tippers, closely followed by Baby Boomers. On the other hand, the Silent Generation tends to give the smallest tips, averaging just 15.16%.

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