Use olive oil in hair care: What do you need to know?

Many beauty blogs say different types of oil, including olive oil, can encourage hair growth. Experts claim that these allegations may be difficult to determine if they are true or if they are a scam. Read on to find out the truth about olive oil and hair growth.

Olive oil, usually light yellow or light green, is an oil that is naturally obtained by pressing olives. Olive oil, rich in oil acids and antioxidants, has been used for centuries to improve the texture and appearance of hair on most cultural sides, so to speak. It is said that olive oil soothes the scalp, strengthens the hair root, and even potentially encourages hair growth. For stronger, longer hair, you can include olive oil in your hair care routine.

Olive oil for hair care

Olive oil supports hair growth?

Unfortunately, there is not much research yet on the effects of olive oil on hair growth. Although not unique to olive oil, there was a 2015 study studying other components from the olive tree. In this study, researchers found that components support hair growth in mice. However, it is not yet known whether these results are reaching out to people or to something else that is derived from all trees, including olive oil.

However, there is a theory that ingesting substances high in healthy oils such as omega-3 acids containing olive oil can help stimulate hair growth. Our body needs these fatty acids, but it can’t produce them on its own, so it’s very important to consume them like olive oil. We look forward to further exploring the connection between olive oil and hair growth!

The Benefits of Olive oil Hair

  • Olive oil with antioxidant properties can help slow down the effects of hair loss.
  • Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it helps keep the scalp healthy. A healthy scalp can solve all hair problems. Hair growth is linked to a healthy scalp, without breaking the hair ends.
  • These antibacterial properties also help prevent scalp inflammation.
  • Helps to add softness and shine to the hair.
  • Olive oil penetrating the scalp and the hair hair to protect the moisture of the hair.

Other uses and Benefits of Olive oil for hair

The leakage olive oil itself contains healthy components that are useful for hair and support hair health. It contains high levels of antioxidant and vitamin E and K to resist free radical damage that could increase aging symptoms. Regular use of olive oil in your hair can make your hair look healthy for many years.

Who can use olive oil for hair care?

  • Olive oil is most useful for dry and thick hair. If you have a thick, dry hair type because it keeps the hair damp and strong, you can include olive oil in your maintenance routine.
  • If your hair has been treated like perm or hair discoloration, your hair will need a lot of moisture. After this type of operation, you can perform regular maintenance with olive oil to prevent damage to your hair.
  • If you have too many fracturing, you can also make olive-oiled care masks for these damaged hair ends.
  • If you want to use olive oil for the dandruff, let’s say it’s not a proven result. But recreating dead scalps, grooming hair and moisturizing dry hair can minimize the formation of dandruff. Maybe it’ll help with the dandruff problem in your hair.

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