Some Quebec wildfires brought under control as firefighters make progress

According to a provincial minister, the number of uncontrolled wildfires in Quebec has decreased on Sunday, as firefighters in the Canadian province have made significant progress in certain areas.

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Quebec’s Natural Resources Minister, Maite Blanchette Vezina, informed reporters that the number of out-of-control fires in the eastern province has decreased from 72 to 44 as reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Canada is currently facing its most severe spring fire season ever, with a total of 431 active fires as of Sunday, representing an increase of five from the previous day, according to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre.

By Monday, it is expected that approximately 1,200 firefighters, including over 100 from France and some from other provinces, will be actively engaged in fighting fires across Quebec. “With the additional resources we received from France and New Brunswick, the situation is now safer,” stated Blanchette Vezina. However, authorities are not yet prepared to allow evacuated residents to return to their homes.

A meteorologist from the federal government predicted light rain in certain burning areas of Quebec on Tuesday. This forecast brings a glimmer of hope for the ongoing firefighting efforts.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, the provincial government issued a warning stating that fires in the area are becoming increasingly unpredictable and are moving closer to the evacuated town of Edson, located 200 km (125 miles) west of the provincial capital, Edmonton. A fire to the south of Edson is rapidly expanding and currently spans an area of 204,000 hectares (504,095 acres), as reported by local officials in an online update on Sunday.

Luc Mercier, the chief administrative officer for Yellowhead County, expressed his concerns, stating, “Last Wednesday, we believed we could close down our emergency control center, but by Friday, that idea was completely abandoned when the fires rapidly spiraled out of control.”

The northeastern B.C. community of Tumbler Ridge in the Pacific province of British Columbia is currently facing a significant number of fires, with one of them coming dangerously close, within four kilometers, to the area.

Firefighters have been aided by changing wind patterns, which have assisted in their efforts to combat the blaze situated in the Rocky Mountain foothills. However, there is concern that the fire may expand due to the anticipated warmer and drier temperatures on Sunday. Karley Desrosiers, the information officer for B.C. Wildfire Service, has highlighted this potential risk.

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