The App Store is now accepting pre-orders for ‘Threads,’ Instagram’s version of Twitter

The release of Instagram’s new text-based social media app, “Threads,” is just around the corner. Users can now pre-order the app on the App Store to be among the first to experience it.

Via Instagram

In June, news emerged that Meta’s Instagram team would be introducing a fresh text-based social media platform called “Threads.” This platform aims to provide an alternative to Twitter, focusing on facilitating discussions and engagement among communities. The App Store page for Threads describes it as a space where individuals gather to converse about their current interests as well as upcoming trends.

To explore Threads, you will need to possess an Instagram account. The app itself can be downloaded for free, although it may offer in-app purchases similar to Instagram.

Currently, Threads is not yet available for download, but it is expected to be released on July 6th, according to the App Store listing. Interestingly, this wouldn’t be the first time Instagram used the name Threads. Previously, Threads served as an Instagram companion app, aiming to rival Snapchat, but it was eventually shut down in late 2021.

On June 20th, Tesla CEO and former Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted expressing his willingness to engage in a “cage match” with Meta CEO Zuckerberg. The reason for this challenge was Musk’s discovery of Meta’s plan to launch Threads as an alternative to Twitter.

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