Because of the high energy costs, the Sprint World Cup for cross-country skiers, which was actually planned for Milan, has been postponed.

Cross-country skiing world cup in Milan does not take place

The competitions planned for January 21 and 22, 2023 will not take place in the middle of the Italian city, but in the Livigno ski resort, which is much higher up. In Milan, significantly more artificial snow would probably have to be produced and maintained at higher temperatures than in Livigno to hold the races.

“Of course, we aim to change the original program as little as possible. However, we are aware of the challenges that organizers face today with global problems affecting their events,” said the World Federation FIS Cross-Country Race Director, Michal Lamplot, quoted in an association statement: “That’s why we stay in constant contact and have to be able to react in time.”

Source of information ; dpa


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