Demand to classify climate extremists as terrorists in Germany

After the ravages of climate extremists in Germany, there are now demands to classify the regular sabotage as environmental terrorism with severe penalties as punishment.

Demand to classify climate extremists as terrorists in Germany

Last week, a 44-year-old woman died in Berlin after being involved in an accident where the ambulance could not get to it due to climate extremists blocking roads.

After the incident, criticism of the groups has intensified in Germany and given rise to an intense debate about civil disobedience and breaking the law for supposedly “good purposes”.

So far this year alone, emergency vehicles have been stopped by protests on 18 occasions. At the same time, the Letzte Generation group states that it will continue to carry out even more extensive actions.

Compared to terrorists

Red lines have been crossed and now it is up to the rule of law to respond more harshly, states the chairman of the interior committee, Andrea Lindholz.

According to terrorism expert Bettina Röhl, the climate activists are on the way to becoming an extremist movement where the ends justify the means. She compares it to the left-wing terrorist group Red Army Faction in Germany in the early 1970s.

– Even the protest movement of that time began with sabotage and pudding being thrown. Then there were many who called for more actions and “revolution”, she says.

In September, the federal criminal police Bundeskriminalamt is said to have warned of attacks on critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, gas pipelines or heavy goods traffic. According to the intelligence service Verfassungsschutz, the climate movement is being undermined by left-wing extremists who are trying to radicalize the climate movement.

Source of Information ; DPA

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