Misha Green, Andrea Berloff and Peter Craig penned the screenplay for the movie, which has been compared to “Leon: The Professional”. “The Mother” will be added to the Netflix library on Mother’s Day, on May 12.

THE MOTHER / Official Trailer

The film is about the adventure of an ex-assassin (Lopez) on the run from dangerous assailants to save his estranged and estranged daughter years ago. The assassin mother is forced to take action when the enemies chasing her make her a target as well.

In the trailer, we meet Lopez’s newly born FBI agent character. She is excited to meet her child, but her hopes are dashed when she learns that the agency plans to relocate her to a new safe home away from her dangerous life.

Realizing she has no other choice, the mother agrees, hoping that her daughter would be better off without him. But years later, when she finds that all is not going as she hoped, a mother returning from her retirement in the cold, dark wilderness of Alaska must save her child at all costs. The action-packed trailer also features training montages and scenes where Lopez accelerates on a motorcycle.

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