McLaren CEO Predicts Arrival of Electric-Powered ‘Real Supercars’ Not Until 2030

During a recent interview, McLaren’s CEO, Michael Leiters, discussed the company’s electrification strategy, indicating that fully electric supercars are not expected to debut for a few more years.

McLaren’s cautious approach to electric vehicles (EVs) has been a recurring theme, with the company’s Technical Director, Andreas Leiters, highlighting the challenge of developing lighter batteries without compromising range.

Speaking to media representatives in Dubai, Leiters emphasized McLaren’s commitment to keeping their cars lightweight. He explained that heavy EVs can hinder agility and disconnect drivers from the brand’s essence. He added, “I don’t expect this technology to be suitable for true supercars until the end of the decade.”

In a separate interview in August, Leiters reiterated the importance of minimizing battery weight. He also stressed that any EV from McLaren must outperform their internal combustion engine counterparts in power, performance, and handling, hinting at the possibility of an EV hypercar by the decade’s end.

Leiters hinted at McLaren’s potential entry into the SUV market, recognizing the changing automotive landscape. However, the company’s primary focus remains on plug-in hybrid models as internal combustion engines lose relevance. But McLaren’s priority is restoring profitability before considering an SUV launch, as mentioned at the Goodwood event earlier this year.

During a global dealer meeting in April, McLaren executives teased a new class of vehicles with four seats and four doors set for 2028. This is likely the SUV they’re not yet ready to unveil, signaling McLaren’s strategic evolution in response to the EV revolution.

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