The CEO of Starbucks has announced that he will be dedicating one day per month to working a shift at the company’s cafes

Laxman Narasimhan, the new CEO of Starbucks, has announced his intention to work at one of the company’s cafes once a month. To prepare for this, he completed 40 hours of barista training and even wore the iconic green apron when he first joined the company in October.

New CEO of Starbucks / Laxman Narasimhan

Starbucks’ CEO, Laxman Narasimhan, has announced that he will be spending half a day every month working at one of the company’s coffee shops.

This comes after Narasimhan spent several months familiarizing himself with the business, including undergoing 40 hours of barista training and wearing the green apron that is synonymous with Starbucks‘ baristas. Narasimhan assumed the role of CEO on Monday and will be presiding over the company’s shareholder meeting on Thursday.

In a letter to employees on Thursday, the writer expressed their intention to stay connected with the culture, customers, challenges, and opportunities of the company by working in stores for half a day every month. They also expect the leadership team to remain engaged with the store operations for discussion and improvement.

According to the National Labor Relations Board data as of Friday, over 190 Starbucks stores that are owned by the company have voted to form a union. The workers have pointed out reasons such as unsafe work conditions, inadequate staffing, and inconsistent scheduling as their motivations for supporting unionization.

Narasimhan, the current Starbucks executive, has a noteworthy professional background. Prior to joining Starbucks, he held the position of CEO at Reckitt, a company that owns popular brands such as Lysol and Durex. Before that, he gained experience working at PepsiCo and McKinsey.

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