A Series of Mass Shootings Claims 10 Lives in the U.S. Prior to the July 4th Holiday

President Joe Biden expressed strong disapproval of the violence and reiterated his plea to strengthen the lenient gun regulations in the United States.

Mass shooting at the scene of a Fourth of July holiday weekend block party in Baltimore

Ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, 10 individuals tragically lost their lives in mass shootings that took place in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Fort Worth, Texas, as stated by officials. These distressing incidents serve as a somber reflection of the ongoing struggle the United States faces in tackling the persistent issue of gun-related violence.

In Fort Worth, following a local festival, a mass shooting resulted in the loss of three lives and left eight others wounded, according to the police report released on Tuesday.

In Philadelphia on Monday evening, a separate mass shooting incident occurred, resulting in the tragic loss of five lives and leaving two individuals injured. According to local authorities, the perpetrator, wearing a bullet-proof vest, opened fire on innocent bystanders, including a toddler and a teenager who were among the wounded.

These shootings took place on Monday night, following another distressing incident the previous day in Baltimore. During an outdoor neighborhood block party, two individuals were fatally shot, and an alarming 28 others, including numerous children, sustained injuries from a barrage of gunfire.

Expressing his condolences and concern, President Biden issued a statement on Tuesday addressing the recent wave of senseless shootings plaguing our nation. He called upon Republican lawmakers, who have historically opposed significant gun safety reforms and the President’s push to reinstate an assault weapons ban, to engage in constructive dialogue for meaningful and commonsense reforms.

At this point, the motives behind these three recent shootings remain unclear and are under investigation.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw announced the arrest of a 40-year-old man who was found in possession of an assault-style rifle and other weapons. During a late-night news conference, Commissioner Outlaw stated that the motive behind the suspect’s actions remains unknown, saying, “we have absolutely no idea why this happened.”

In Fort Worth, the police reported that no arrests have been made yet. Senior police official Shawn Murray stated that it is too early to determine if the incident is domestically or gang-related.

Authorities in Baltimore are currently searching for multiple suspects involved in the shooting incident.

These recent shootings occurred around the anniversary of last year’s Highland Park mass shooting near Chicago, where seven individuals were tragically killed, and 48 others were wounded during an Independence Day parade. A 22-year-old man is currently in custody and has been indicted on 117 felony charges in connection with that devastating event.

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