Actress Linda Haynes, Star Of ‘Rolling Thunder’ And ‘Brubaker’, Has Died At 75

Actress Linda Haynes, known for roles in movies like Rolling Thunder and Brubaker, has passed away at the age of 75. Her filmography also includes appearances in ‘Latitude Zero,’ ‘Coffy,’ and ‘The Drowning Pool.’

On July 17, in Summerville, South Carolina, it was announced that she passed away “peacefully, with her family by her side.” The cause of her death was not disclosed. Her son, Greg Sylvander, shared on Facebook, “Being an only child, I’ve always dreaded these moments. However, I take solace in the fact that my mother found tranquility and enjoyed wonderful years with her grandchildren, my wife Courtney Sylvander, and me. We will deeply miss her presence.”

Linda Lee Sylvander, born on November 4, 1947, in Miami, began her acting journey as Dr. Anne Barton in Latitude Zero (1969). Notably, she portrayed Linda Forchet, a barmaid, in the gripping thriller Rolling Thunder (1977), sharing the screen with William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones. Her role as Carol in Brubaker (1980), alongside Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman, also gained attention.One of Linda Haynes’ fervent admirers is Quentin Tarantino, who holds Rolling Thunder in high regard. Tarantino has praised Linda Forchet, played by Haynes, as his favorite female character in a Paul Schrader-written film. He lauds Haynes for embodying a natural, Ava Gardner-esque allure, reminiscent of Gardner’s timeless style.

Her filmography further includes appearances in Coffy (1973), The Nickel Ride (1974), The Drowning Pool (1975), and Human Experiments (1979). Linda Haynes also graced several television shows, including This Is the Life, My Three Sons, and Room 222.

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