First trailer for Christian Petzold’s new movie Afire released

The first trailer of German director Christian Petzold’s new movie Afire has been released before its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

Afire ( 2023) Trailer

The first trailer of Afire, the latest film by Christian Petzold, the director of productions such as Barbara, Transit and Undine, which clearly draws his own cinematic language, has been released before the Berlinale premiere.

Inspired by the elements of nature, Christian Petzold used parts such as water, fire and earth as building blocks, and the first film of the trilogy was 2020’s Undine, with the modern story of strange water nymphs. In Afire, the famous director’s latest film that shows identity issues through modern objects such as roads and cars, two friends Leon and Felix spend the summer together in a house on the Baltic coast, planning to both vacation and work. Nadja and Devid join the duo with a different, more positive energy when one is trying to finish the second book and the other is trying to put together the art portfolio.

In the following days, forest fires start when the publisher arrives in his small and stylish car. Ashes fall on the ground, the sky glows red, and the dramatic web of relationships that combines physical tension and artistic sublimity takes on a new dimension.

The cast of Afire includes Paula Beer, who worked with the director on Undine, and names such as Thomas Schubert, Enno Trebs, Langston Uibel, and Matthias Brandt.

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