Innovative Neighborhood Ditches Cars for Residents, Presents Intriguing Proposition Instead

Many Americans still rely on cars for most of their transportation needs, but a new initiative seeks to alter this paradigm.

Culdesac Tempe, a real estate project in Tempe, Arizona, proudly labels itself as the inaugural car-free neighborhood constructed from the ground up in the United States. This innovative development, which commenced construction in 2019 and began housing its first residents this spring, enforces a strict no-car policy for all residents, preventing them from parking their vehicles on-site or in the nearby vicinity.

In the Culdesac Tempe community, residents have embraced alternative transportation methods, with a significant reliance on ridesharing through Lyft and car sharing via Envoy, a local electric car-sharing service and platform. These companies are official partners of the project.

One notable feature of Culdesac Tempe is the strict prohibition of personal cars. This unique policy eliminates the need for parking spaces, creating abundant open areas that cater to residents with amenities like a spacious dog park and a refreshing pool.

Furthermore, residents benefit from a variety of convenient transportation options, including access to more than 100 Bird scooters, an extensive network of over 1,000 bike parking spots, and complimentary rides on the metro.

The concept of a “15-minute city,” where urban dwellers can easily reach their daily necessities, such as stores, workplaces, schools, and cultural attractions within a 15-minute radius by bike, foot, or personal mobility devices, has gained traction in recent times. Culdesac Tempe takes this idea a step further, proudly branding itself as a “five-minute city,” where all these conveniences are even closer at hand for its residents.

Passenger vehicles constitute a major factor in the deterioration of air quality in the United States. As per the Union of Concerned Scientists, cars are responsible for substantial emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants. On average, every car in America contributes approximately five tons of carbon pollution to our atmosphere each year. However, initiatives like Culdesac Tempe aim to provide alternative, healthier transportation options, potentially leading to a reversal of these concerning trends.

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