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Rats ate 200 kilos of cannabis at the police station

A new one has been added to the mind-blowing interesting news in the world… Police in India said that almost 200 kilograms of cannabis seized in raids and kept in police stations were eaten by rats.

Rats ate 200 kilos of cannabis at the police station

According to the news in the BBC, it was stated that approximately 200 kilograms of cannabis kept in police stations in India was eaten by rats.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, the court asked the police to provide proof that the vanished marijuana was eaten by rats. In the present case, the judiciary stated that there were three separate examples of rats destroying drugs.

The judge said that because the rats were so small, the police failed to keep the drugs away from the rats. It’s hard to protect drugs from them.”

A 2019 study found that when laboratory rats were given marijuana, they “become less active and their body temperature drops.”

Source of information : BBC news


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