Trump says he’s getting arrested in Georgia on Thursday for election issues

Donald Trump has announced his intention to surrender himself to a Georgia court this Thursday to address allegations of election interference.

A judge in Atlanta, presiding over the case of the former president, has granted bail at $200,000. The terms stipulate that Mr. Trump can remain at liberty until the trial, provided he refrains from attempting to intimidate or threaten any witnesses.

Mr. Trump is facing 13 charges, including racketeering and false statements. The court document posted on Monday states, “The defendant must not engage in any actions aimed at intimidating individuals known to be co-defendants or witnesses in this case, or obstructing the due process of law.”

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is overseeing the case, along with lawyers for Donald Trump, signed an order that covers posts on social media, including reposts made by others.

On Monday, Trump posted on his social media platform, Truth Social, expressing disbelief at his impending arrest by District Attorney Fani Willis and claimed it was part of a “witch hunt” coordinated with the DOJ.

He also joked about the possibility of using his gold-affixed airplane. Willis has requested arraignments for September 5th and proposed a trial start in March.

Trump’s lawyers were seen at the Fulton County court on Monday, reportedly negotiating bail terms with investigators.

A “hard lockdown” will be in place around the county jail when Trump surrenders, with barricades set up in anticipation of his arrival.Trump, along with co-defendants, faces charges related to attempts to influence Georgia’s election results after his 2020 loss. He’s the first former or serving US president to be indicted and faces three other criminal cases.

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