What States Have the Highest Home Insurance? & Highest and Lowest Home Insurance Rates

Nationwide, the average annual cost of homeowners insurance is $2,777, with rates differing across states. Oklahoma holds the highest position with an annual average of $5,317, whereas Hawaii boasts the lowest rates at an average of $582 per year.

The typical annual home insurance cost in the United States is $2,777, equivalent to $231 per month. This covers $300,000 for dwelling and liability, with a $1,000 deductible. State-specific rates can differ significantly, sometimes by several thousand dollars.


Oklahoma boasts the highest home insurance costs, averaging $5,317 annually, while Hawaii stands out as the most affordable state, with an average yearly premium of just $582. Additionally, the location within a state matters, with coastal residences generally incurring higher expenses compared to inland properties.

Home insurance costs fluctuate by state due to diverse factors influencing rate calculations. Regions prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, hail storms, and tornadoes typically experience higher insurance rates. Notably, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Texas, and South Dakota rank among the priciest states for home insurance, while Hawaii and California stand out as among the least expensive.

States with the Highest Home Insurance Rates

  1. Oklahoma $5317
  2. Kansas $4939
  3. Nebraska $4893
  4. Arkansas $4203
  5. Texas $4121

States with the Lowest Home Insurance Rates

  1. Hawaii $582
  2. California $1380
  3. Washington DC $1520
  4. Vermont $1540
  5. New Hampshire $1551



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