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3 Indicators it’s Time to Part Ways with Your Doctor: Prioritize Your Health, Advises Physician

Selecting the appropriate doctor is crucial for your well-being, yet it can be a challenging task. Occasionally, a physician who was previously suitable may no longer align with your current requirements. A warning sign could be if they begin to disregard your worries.

According to Dr. LaTasha Seliby Perkins, a family physician at Georgetown University, prioritizing your health, a vital asset, should be done in a manner that aligns with your comfort.

Identifying whether you should continue with your current healthcare provider or explore alternatives can be relatively simple. According to Seliby Perkins, there are three clear indicators that suggest it might be time to seek a new doctor.

3 signs that it’s time to break up with your doctor

  1. Your doctor isn’t asking the right questions: When you come to your doctor with a health concern and they don’t inquire about your symptoms or ask for further information, that’s not a good sign, Seliby Perkins says.
  2. You don’t feel heard: ”You should feel that your doctor is listening to you,” she says. “At the end of the day, you [should] feel heard. Feeling heard is very important.”
  3. You’re receiving treatment for a curable diagnosis but aren’t getting better: It can be a red flag if “you’ve gotten a diagnosis that sounds right, and you’re treating it but it’s not getting better,” Seliby Perkins says. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting a second opinion or seeing a specialist, but your doctor should support you in that process.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Doctor for Your Needs

If you notice any of the mentioned signs, it might be time to find a new doctor. Here’s how you can approach the process, as advised by Seliby Perkins:

  •  Understand your insurance coverage and confirm if the doctors you’re considering are covered.
  • Verify if your preferred doctor is part of your insurance network.
  • Seek recommendations from your primary care doctor if you’re seeking a specialist.
  • Evaluate doctors’ online ratings and reviews.
  • Research the locations of their clinics to ensure convenience.
  • Determine if they offer telemedicine appointments if necessary.
  • Consider the importance of having a doctor who shares similar gender, race, or other characteristics with you.


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