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Dental Hygienist FAQs: How to Become One and Average Dental Hygienist Salary

In this article, we will attempt to answer all your questions about the dental hygienist profession, which is one of the important assistant specialist professions in the health sector. For example, how to become a dental hygienist, average dental hygienist salaries, etc.

Dental hygienists are licensed professionals who work with dental teams to help patients maintain and improve their oral health. They collaborate with dentists to deliver essential preventive care services and optimize appointments, enhancing the overall patient experience. A Dental hygienist salary will depend on their education, certification, level of experience, employer, and the location in which they work.


What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

A dental hygienist performs patient exams, offers preventative care tips, and provides oral health education. They utilize various tools and techniques, including polishing devices to remove stains and x-ray machines to capture images.

Dental hygienists also:

– Clean the patient’s teeth by removing tartar, plaque, and stains.

– Apply fluoride treatments or sealants to protect the teeth.

– Evaluate the patient’s oral health and share the findings with the dentist.

– Record findings and treatment plans in the patient’s record.

Average Dental Hygienist Salary

As of January 26, 2024, the average salary for Dental Hygienists in the United States is $88,758, with a typical range spanning from $73,228 to $105,667. These salary variations are influenced by factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, and years of professional experience.

How to become a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists typically need an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in dental hygiene also are available but are less common. A bachelor’s or master’s degree usually is required for research, teaching, or clinical practice in public or school health programs.

Can a dental hygienist make six figures?

YES in major urban areas, In major urban areas, Dental Hygienists can earn good salaries. When these students complete their studies, They can almost guarantee themselves a job.

Words it getting out that dental hygienists make as much money as nurses with a loss stress . Becoming a Dental Hygienist requires a two year associate’s degree. The average Dental Hygienist salary in the U.S. is $88,758 as of February 25, 2024, but the range typically falls between $73,228 to $105,667.

Dental Hygienist Salary
Dental Hygienist Salary

Who makes more, a Dental Hygienist or a Assistant?

A Dental hygienist is trained and licensed (RDH) with at least 2 yrs of training (US). On the other hand a dental assistant can be trained by the dentist (but there are school programs as well) right out of high school.

Neither is an easy job but since the hygienist actually produces income for the practice and has had continuing education in the dental field and is registered and licensed with 2 yrs. of formal training it is only reasonable that she/he makes significantly more than either the front desk people or the assistant.



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