A Tesla driver has posted a troubling video after encountering harassment from pickup trucks

An EV driver has posted a troubling video on X. In the video, three pickup trucks create a barrier in front of the electric vehicle, and one of the trucks deliberately emits thick clouds of diesel exhaust, a behavior referred to as “rolling coal.”

Rolling coal is a term used to describe the unlawful modification of pickup trucks, allowing them to emit exhaust containing significantly higher levels of pollution, often surpassing standard vehicle emissions by 40 to 100 times. This practice is typically motivated by misguided political beliefs and a desire to antagonize individuals who support environmental causes. Those who engage in rolling coal often express frustration with environmentalism as a whole and target groups such as electric vehicle drivers and cyclists as part of their protest.

Motorists who partake in such behaviors aren’t just causing disturbances and environmental harm, but they’re also jeopardizing lives. The clouds of emissions they produce lead to significant visibility problems, as evident in the X (formerly known as Twitter) video shared by Tesla driver Nathan (@NateWiki).

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