Apple Delays Certain Employee Bonuses While Implementing Cost-Cutting Measures

As per a recent report by Bloomberg, certain Apple employees who were anticipating a bonus in April will have to postpone it until October. Additionally, the report states that Apple is keeping a closer eye on travel expenses and leaving some job positions unfilled.

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According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple has decided to postpone bonuses for certain employees. Previously, some teams had been receiving bonuses twice a year, in April and October. However, the full amount will now be paid out in the autumn instead. In addition, the company is said to be monitoring travel budgets more closely and leaving some job vacancies unfilled.

Apple’s recent shift highlights their efforts to reduce costs and closely monitor corporate expenditures. This move comes at a time when tech industry competitors, such as Google, Meta, and Amazon, are undergoing layoffs amidst a challenging period.

Apple is planning to make changes to its policies regarding hiring freeze, in addition to implementing bonus changes. The company has been gradually reducing its hiring practices since 2022, and now plans to leave vacant positions unfilled when employees leave to reduce the overall headcount.

This policy is expected to be extended to cover more areas of the company, resulting in a larger number of jobs being affected. Bloomberg’s report indicates that these changes will be implemented soon.

Source oof Information ; Bloomberg News

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