In a recent interview with “Today,” Mark Wahlberg shared that he is committed to sharing the value of his Catholic faith despite Hollywood’s general indifference towards religion.

Actor Mark Wahlberg

The actor, who has been open about his religious beliefs, credits his faith as one of the main tools he used to find discipline when he transitioned from a music career to acting. Wahlberg’s commitment to his faith remains strong and he is determined to continue sharing its benefits with others.

“That discipline has afforded me so many other things,” Wahlberg said. “I want to share that with people. So whether that’s with fasting, working out more, detaching from other things, and just spending more time with God in prayer or in thoughtful reflection and those things are important.”

“Faith is everything, it’s afforded me so many things,” Wahlberg continued. “God didn’t come to save the saints. He came to save the sinners…We want to be better versions of ourselves, and through focusing my faith, it’s allowed me to do that.”

“Let’s just say I put millions and millions of dollars into the film — and then incurring other costs because we went over schedule in production,” Wahlberg added.

Mark Wahlberg, an actor and producer, spoke about balancing his career in the entertainment industry with his faith. While he does not force his beliefs on others, he feels it is important to share his faith with people. Wahlberg’s faith has influenced his acting career, and he has even turned down roles that conflict with his religious values. He also produced a religious drama, “Father Stu,” which tells the story of a boxer who becomes a Catholic priest while dealing with a debilitating disease.

Wahlberg faced challenges in getting the film made due to Hollywood’s apprehension towards faith-based content, but he believes that the film’s emotional and inspiring story will resonate with audiences.

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