This solar-powered car boasts a 500-mile range on a single charge and is available for just $40,000

In December, the Dutch automaker Lightyear captured global attention with the revelation that they had initiated production of the world’s inaugural commercially-ready solar vehicle, the Lightyear 0.

The initial Lightyear 0 model was groundbreaking, capable of covering 43 miles daily solely using its rooftop solar panels. However, its exorbitant price tag, exceeding a quarter of a million dollars, made it inaccessible to many. Following a bankruptcy declaration in January and subsequent recovery in February, Lightyear has unveiled a new strategy: they will now concentrate solely on manufacturing the more affordable Lightyear 2, priced at approximately $40,000.

The Lightyear 2

Introducing the sleek solar-powered EV with an impressive 500-mile range on a single charge, making it an iconic choice for eco-conscious drivers.

Beyond its stunning design and remarkable range, this vehicle is poised to combat climate change by replacing traditional gas-powered cars. Critics may argue that EVs rely on electricity often generated from polluting sources, but the Lightyear 2 stands out. With a significant portion of its power harnessed from the sun, it boasts a carbon footprint less than half that of other electric models.

While the exact release dates remain uncertain, Bloomberg reports that the Lightyear 2 is expected to hit the market within the next three years, marking a new era in sustainable transportation. In the interim, Lightyear invites interested buyers to join a free waiting list.

As the EV market expands, prices are likely to decrease, including those of solar EVs. However, if you’re eager to be an early adopter of this futuristic and relatively affordable vehicle, the opportunity awaits. The choice is yours.

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