Apple discontinues all human support on X ( formerly Twitter)

The Apple support account on X has discontinued live assistance for users and will now guide them to alternative platforms for help.

Users who send direct messages to the @AppleSupport Twitter account will now receive an automated response guiding them to visit Apple’s support page on their website. Additionally, they will be provided with links to download the Apple Support app for both iPhone and iPad. This update was discovered by MacRumors, and it’s worth mentioning that the account still shares valuable Apple-related tips and tricks.

The official @AppleSupport X/Twitter account was launched back in 2016, primarily focusing on offering tips for Apple products and engaging with customers directly. In the same year, it received recognition from Twitter for its impressive level of engagement.

However, in August, it was revealed that Apple intended to discontinue its social media support roles across platforms like X and YouTube. As of October 1, 2023, Apple ceased its support on Twitter, although this change doesn’t seem to be related to any controversies concerning Apple’s presence on X/Twitter.

Moving forward, Apple’s official support will be provided through their app, the official support website, and their phone line exclusively.

Reports indicate that this transition affects more than 150 employees, but Apple is offering assistance to help them transition into phone support roles. It’s worth noting that employees may not be able to shift to other chat-based support positions unless there are medical reasons necessitating such a move.

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