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Biden Signs Bill with Potential TikTok Ban: What It Means for Users

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden enacted a bill into law that includes provisions to ban TikTok unless it’s sold within a year. The popular social media platform is currently owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

This legislation is part of a broader law aimed at providing aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

TikTok representatives swiftly reacted, labeling the law as unconstitutional and announcing plans to contest it in court. The company emphasized that the law, if enacted, would severely impact seven million businesses and muzzle 170 million Americans.

Could TikTok vanish from my device?

For now, regular users and content creators won’t notice any immediate changes. ByteDance has a year to sell its shares, and if it doesn’t, web-hosting services will be prohibited from supporting TikTok.

This could lead Google and Apple app stores to remove the video app. Many users, numbering in the tens of thousands, make money on the platform through brand deals, advertising, or monetizing their content.


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