Climate change ‘biggest concern’ for people in Germany

Fears about climate change are one of the most common concerns for Germans – followed by the war in Ukraine and rising energy prices, according to a new Forsa poll.

Climate change ‘biggest concern’ for people in Germany

According to an opinion poll conducted in early November, 59 percent of Germans are concerned that climate change will have an increasingly frequent and stronger impact on daily life, for example, through extreme weather events and natural disasters.

Just over half, or 53 percent, were concerned that Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine would spill over to other countries and even lead to a third world war. Meanwhile, 52 people were concerned that their financial situation would worsen due to the high cost of electricity and energy products.

After the attacks on Nord Stream pipelines earlier this year, 51 percent of respondents said they feared cyberattacks could hit other parts of Germany’s critical infrastructure in the future.

Alongside high energy prices, the overall cost of living was a concern for many; 44 percent said they were concerned about their financial health and rising food prices.

Finally, 42 percent were kept awake by the possibility that Germany could run out of gas for homes and businesses this winter. Germany has managed to fill its gas storage facilities 100 percent ahead of the heating season, but experts warn that it will still be necessary to cut consumption.

No fear of pandemic

The latest survey points to a noticeable shift in public opinion since 2020 and 2021, when the Covid pandemic is still a dominant fear in people’s minds.

Since then, climate fears, war in Ukraine and the cost of living have been seen as the biggest issues plaguing the public.

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