Elon Musk Sends Urgent ‘Fix This’ Email to X Team Following Border Livestream Freeze, Reports NYT Journalist

On Thursday, Elon Musk made a visit to the US-Mexico border, where technical issues disrupted his X livestream. Following the glitch, he apparently sent a brief email to his company, stating, “Please fix this.”

Elon Musk’s planned visit to the US-Mexico border on Thursday encountered technical glitches as he livestreamed on his platform. The wealthiest individual globally had previously announced his intention to visit Eagle Pass, Texas, in order to personally assess the situation.

After sharing videos of migrants crossing the border and questioning the lack of mainstream media coverage, Elon Musk’s efforts to engage in citizen journalism faced technical difficulties. Notable outlets like Reuters, The New York Times, and CNN had already reported on the situation in Eagle Pass.

According to the town’s mayor, Eagle Pass was witnessing a daily influx of 2,500 migrants, putting immense strain on the town’s only shelter provider, as reported by The New York Times.

Musk initiated the livestream with cautious optimism, stating, “Let’s just ensure this thing’s functioning properly.” He delved into the topic of immigration for approximately four minutes before encountering technical issues that caused the stream to freeze. Musk expressed concern, saying, “Let’s check if this is still operational. I was worried that it might crash due to the high number of viewers.” The livestream had garnered around 5 million viewers.

According to NYT reporter Ryan Mac, Musk then sent an abrupt email to everyone at X: “Please fix this.”

Later, he restarted the livestream, and it worked better for about 13 minutes. These livestream issues became a big deal when Musk hosted Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign launch in May, and his app kept crashing.

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