Jung Chae-yul, the South Korean actor known for her role in the TV series “Zombie Detective,” has died at the age of 26

On Tuesday, Jung Chae-yul, a 26-year-old South Korean actor, was discovered deceased at her residence

Jung Chae-yul

Actress Chae-yul, who started her career as a model and later transitioned into acting, has passed away. Her agency, Management S, confirmed the news without providing any details about the circumstances of her death. In a statement released on Tuesday, the agency expressed its condolences and stated that Jung will be given a private funeral, in accordance with the wishes of her family.

Jung was known for her dedication to her craft and had appeared in several projects, including the 2018 Korean movie “Deep”. Management S also expressed its hope that Jung, who had always been sincere about her acting, will find peace in a warm place.

The late actress was recognized for her portrayal of a police officer in the 2020 Korean fantasy comedy series “Zombie Detective,” which was aired on KBS and streamed on Netflix worldwide.

Tragically, while in the midst of filming her starring role in “Wedding Impossible,” a Korean drama based on a web novel, the actress passed away. The drama follows the story of an actress who enters into a fake marriage with a homosexual man.

The management company of the deceased performer, Chae, has concluded their statement by urging the public to refrain from spreading rumors or writing speculative articles regarding the cause of her death. However, given the unfortunate trend of young performers in the Korean entertainment industry facing premature deaths, some of which have been attributed to suicide, it is natural for people to speculate about the possible cause of Chae’s passing.

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