OpenAI has released its official ChatGPT app for Android users

The company has set up a pre-order page on the Google Play Store, enabling users to sign up for installation as soon as the app becomes available.

OpenAI twitter

On July 21, OpenAI unveiled its upcoming plan to launch an Android version of the widely popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. After its release on iOS in May, the company is now expanding the availability of this AI-powered chatbot to Android users.

OpenAI made the exciting announcement through a tweet and also introduced a pre-order page on the Google Play Store. This page allows interested users to register and be notified for installation once the app is ready for download.

The decision to launch ChatGPT on Android comes as part of OpenAI’s continuous efforts to prioritize safety and transparency in its AI tools. Initiatives like content watermarking have been introduced to ensure better control and management of information generated by its AI systems.

OpenAI has been closely scrutinized in recent times over concerns regarding the potential for misinformation originating from its AI platforms. By focusing on safety measures and transparency enhancements, the company aims to address these concerns and provide a more secure and reliable AI chatbot experience for users on Android.

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