TikTok Introduced Its New Program To Make Money By Sharing Videos Longer Than 1 Minute

TikTok has introduced a new program that will allow content producers to make money. Users participating in this program, which is currently being tested in certain countries, will share videos longer than one minute instead of the short videos we are used to.


TikTok, which has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with its short video format in recent years, introduced a brand new program that will allow content creators to earn money. In the company’s announcement today, it was stated that this program was called the ‘Creativity Program‘.

This program, which will expand the ways TikTok users earn income, is currently in testing in the USA, France and Brazil. The company says that only invitees can join for now, and it will come to all users soon. The most striking part of the program is that TikTok needs a different approach than the short video format we are used to.

Content producers will be able to make money by producing videos longer than one minute

According to TikTok’s statement, it will be a requirement for content producers who want to take advantage of the program to share longer videos than usual. The company says posts should be longer than one minute, using the phrase “high-quality and original videos longer than one minute.” Considering that the platform has revolutionized social media with its short video format and influenced other companies, it is possible to say that this move is interesting.

The move comes after creators said the platform wasn’t making enough money from their programs. TikTok also emphasizes that the new system will increase the creativity of content producers and enable them to generate more income.

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