UPS drivers can achieve earnings of up to $172,000 even without a college degree

UPS made news recently by revealing that, as part of a five-year contract with the Teamsters Union, its drivers are expected to earn an average of $170,000 in pay and benefits.

The tentative agreement, established on July 25, aims to boost part-time workers’ minimum wages to $21 per hour and eliminate mandatory overtime. Meanwhile, full-time workers are set to earn an average of $49 per hour. This agreement applies to all UPS delivery drivers across the United States. Currently, they are in the midst of a ratification vote, which concludes on August 22.

This development has sparked a surge of interest in working for the shipping giant. Following the announcement of the deal, Indeed reported a more than 50% increase in job searches containing “UPS” or “United Parcel Service” in the title, with a particular focus on delivery driver positions, according to Bloomberg News.

There are other well-paying jobs at UPS that don’t necessitate a bachelor’s degree, such as:

– Tractor-trailer drivers, who earn an average of $162,000 ($112,000 in salary plus $50,000 in benefits).

– Long-haul drivers, with an average income of $172,000 ($122,000 in salary plus $50,000 in benefits).

UPS employs a dual strategy to attract and retain talent. They prioritize enhancing the compensation for their delivery drivers and emphasize the recruitment and advancement of employees from within the company. Danelle McCusker Rees, who currently serves as the President of Human Resources and Operational Training at UPS, exemplifies this approach. She began her UPS journey in 2002 as a part-time driver helper and highlights that every position at UPS, regardless of its part-time nature, can lead to a fulfilling career.

Between 2018 and 2022, UPS reports that 38,000 part-time employees transitioned to full-time positions. When considering a career at UPS, McCusker Rees emphasizes the significance of a customer-focused mindset and agility, as the company adapts swiftly to market changes, necessitating flexibility from its employees.

However, the paramount quality sought, particularly for roles involving driving, is a strong commitment to the job and punctuality. Being on time is essential to ensure timely service for customers, and UPS is committed to providing the necessary training for other job aspects.

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