China has recently achieved a new world record for the fastest high-speed train

During a recent test run, the train achieved a record-breaking speed of 281 miles per hour, securing its position as the fastest train in the world.

China’s new high-speed maglev train, utilizing “magnetic levitation,” aims to reach an impressive speed of 621 mph, surpassing commercial flights that cruise at 545-574 mph. The maglev operates with superconducting magnets in a low-vacuum pipeline, reducing friction and noise pollution while enabling faster travel.

Currently, China has one maglev train connecting Pudong Airport to Longyang Road station, completing a 19-mile journey in just seven minutes. The country plans to expand this technology to connect large cities and rural areas, part of the China Railway 450 Technology Innovation Project. By improving connectivity, this project will reduce travel times, costs, and air pollution emissions from transport.

Decarbonizing the transport sector is crucial to achieving China’s carbon neutrality goal by 2060. Maglev trains produce no direct emissions and provide a safer environment for wildlife compared to traditional train tracks and highways. China anticipates having its super-fast maglev train operational within three to 10 years.

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