Scottish Man Kidnapped by His Own Faulty EV, Rams It into Police Car to Stop

A 53-year-old man named Brian Morrison found himself stuck inside his out-of-control car while maneuvering through traffic signals and circular intersections.

A 53-year-old man named Brian Morrison found himself in a harrowing situation as his car went out of control, stuck at 48 km/h due to a severe malfunction. This alarming incident occurred on Sunday, October 1st, at 10 pm BST while Morrison was on his way home from work. He first became aware of the issue as he approached a roundabout and attempted to slow down, only to realize that his vehicle was unresponsive.

Upon realizing that his out-of-control car could endanger other vehicles and pedestrians, he immediately dialed emergency services by calling 999 (UK emergency services). Morrison recounted, “When I called 999, they dispatched police to assist and connected me with engineers to address the issue. They even inquired if it was a self-driving car.” Eventually, three police cars arrived, positioning themselves in front and behind his electric vehicle.

Initially, the police attempted to resolve the situation by instructing Morrison to toss the electronic key out of the car window, but this failed to deactivate the engine. Subsequently, they asked him to press the power button three times, which also proved ineffective in stopping the vehicle.

Faced with this unusual predicament, the police took a drastic measure. They guided the trapped individual to collide with one of their own vehicles. Describing the incident, Morrison stated, “Eventually, I approached a roundabout, reducing the car’s speed to approximately 15 mph [24 km/h], and the police van awaited me on the opposite side.” He continued, “I collided with the back of the van while it was in motion, just before they engaged the brakes on the vehicle ahead to halt my progress.”

Following this peculiar incident, the insurance company initiated an investigation into the accident. Morrison further shared, “I still have no understanding of what occurred, but when the RAC (car service and repair company) technician arrived approximately three hours later, he connected the car for a diagnostic check, revealing pages of faults.” Morrison concluded, “He mentioned that he had never encountered such a situation and decided against attempting to start the engine to identify the issue.”

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