Porsche’s Electric Sports Car Achieves Astonishing Cross-Country Record, Leaving Many in Awe

Porsche turned heads in the electric vehicle sector with an impressive performance by its Taycan 4S Cross Turismo sports car, garnering significant attention.

The fastest recorded time for an electric vehicle to cover the 1,146-mile journey from Thailand to Singapore was an impressive 29 hours and 15 minutes, as announced in a news release. This achievement was also shared in a tweet.

Three rotating drivers successfully adhered to the speed limit throughout the challenge and secured charging stations an hour in advance, as reported by Electrek. These drivers only made brief 25-minute stops at stations along Shell’s Recharge High Performance Charging network to replenish their battery life.

Excluding stops and traffic, a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle would typically take between 20 to 30 hours to cover the same journey from Bangkok to Garden by the Bay in Singapore, according to data from Google Maps.

For this endurance test, the Taycan model underwent a few modifications, including an 800-volt battery pack that extended its range to up to 318 miles. Additionally, it received a higher ground clearance to enhance ride comfort.

Andre Brand, the general manager of Porsche Singapore, praised the vehicle’s accomplishments in a statement, highlighting how Porsche’s inaugural all-electric sports car has set new standards in terms of “sporty performance, dynamic handling, and efficient charging.”

“We’re taking the concept of electric cars to the next level, demonstrating that long-distance cross-border EV travel can be both speedy and hassle-free with this historic Thailand-to-Singapore EV achievement,” he remarked.

However, not everyone was convinced. One commenter on Electrek’s website argued that the distance covered was less impressive than it appeared: “I’m sorry, what? I can cover more miles in my Tesla Model Y within 24 hours. This doesn’t make sense!”

Nevertheless, it undeniably stands as a significant milestone for electric vehicles. The Taycan’s performance, coupled with the development of new charging stations along the route, eliminated any concerns about range anxiety during the journey.

For many potential electric vehicle buyers, concerns about charging infrastructure availability and the fear of running out of power are major deterrents. Yet, the Taycan’s remarkable journey demonstrated to drivers what is achievable with the right infrastructure and advanced technology, making the transition from internal combustion engines to zero-emission vehicles all the more appealing for the future.

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