The iPhone 15 Pro lineup may see a price increase of at least $100

More recent reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro may see a price increase compared to the iPhone 14 Pro series, potentially reaching up to $200 higher.

The upcoming 2023 Pro models of the iPhone, known for their premium positioning within their respective generations, might see an increase in price, which has raised concerns among industry experts.

According to a recent report from DigiTimes, the minimum expected price for the iPhone 15 Pro could be $1,099, representing a $100 hike compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. Similarly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is anticipated to be priced at $1,299, a $100 increase from the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s $1,199 price tag. It’s worth noting that there’s also speculation of a potential $200 price increase.

There have been ongoing rumors about a potential price increase for the Pro lineup, with earlier reports suggesting a hike of either $100 or $200 in 2023.

Such a price hike could adversely affect the sales of these premium models, with projections now indicating a drop from the initial estimate of 83 million units to 77 million units for new Pro models in 2023.

For Apple, selling fewer premium models might not necessarily be a negative outcome, especially if they can boost their profit margins per device. Nevertheless, this is a delicate balancing act for the company, as they must avoid raising prices to the point where it dampens sales and results in lower overall earnings.

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