An investigative report has surfaced accusing French actor “Gerard Depardieu” of sexual misconduct by 13 women.

Actor Gerard Depardieu, who is facing rape and sexual assault charges related to a 2018 case, has been accused of sexual misconduct by 13 women in a recent investigative report published by MediaPart.

Actor Gerard Depardieu

According to Mediapart, several female actors, make-up artists, and production staff have made accusations of misconduct, some of whom chose to remain anonymous. The alleged incidents took place during the filming of 11 movies that were released between 2004 and 2022. The article also mentioned that one actress has recently come forward and shared her account with the French justice system.

“The prosecutor has not received any new lawsuit. A formal investigation, launched in 2020 following the lawsuit filed by Charlotte Arnaud, is still ongoing,” continued the statement.

Depardieu’s legal team, Cabinet Temime, has refuted all allegations made against the actor and released a detailed statement stating that he has no plans to respond to the article. The statement suggests that the article contains a mixture of various topics, some of which are subjective opinions and moral judgments.

He “formally denies all of the accusations that could be subject to criminal law,” the statement continued.

One of the accounts was given by a former extra who worked on a film called “The Box” in 2015 and said Depardieu “put his hand under (her) dress” and “tried to get into (her) knickers.” After she pushed him, he allegedly became “aggressive” and “tried to push my knickers to one side to finger (her).” Mediapart quoted “a member of the production team” who said the shoot of “The Box” was paused because “an extra said she had been a victim of Gérard Depardieu.” The scene was eventually modified so that the extra was no longer standing alongside Depardieu, according to the anonymous production team member. An actor who worked on the film said she heard Depardieu “shouting that he could have who he wanted and that he didn’t want her, that she was a ‘fat pig’.”

According to an investigative report, an incident was recounted by Helène Darras, who was an extra in the film “Disco” directed by Fabien Onteniente, where actor Gerard Depardieu played the role of a nightclub owner. During a scene involving around 250 extras, Darras alleged that Depardieu grabbed her waist and made inappropriate physical advances towards her. She claimed that he placed his hand on her buttocks persistently and proposed they go to his dressing room.

Several filmmakers and producers who worked with the actor on the sets where the alleged misconduct occurred have given statements, as reported by Mediapart. These include Onteniente, Olivier Dahan, and producer Alain Goldman (“La Vie en Rose”), Graham Guit and Fabio Conversi (“Hello Goodbye”), Safy Nebbou (“L’autre Dumas”), and Pascal Breton (“Marseille”). With the exception of Onteniente, the directors and producers denied having seen any incident of misconduct during filming.

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