First Trailer of the Fantastic Movie “The Portable Door” with Christoph Waltz and Sam Neil

MGM has released the highly anticipated trailer for “The Portable Door,” based on the book series by Tom Holt.

Official Trailer of The Portable Door

Directed by the villainous Humphrey Wells (Christoph Waltz) and Dennis Tanner (Sam Neill), the film is directed by J.W. Wells and Co. It tells the story of two interns who start working at a company called A charismatic villain, Wells is the CEO of the company, and he and mid-level executive Dennis Tanner want to disrupt the world of magic by bringing modern corporate strategy to ancient magic practices.

Meanwhile, new interns Paul Carpenter (Patrick Gibson) and Sophie Pettingle (Sophie Wilde) discover the company’s brutal grand scheme and take action to stop the plans… But what they’re trying to do isn’t easy.

Directed by Jeffrey Walker, who produced productions such as “Ali’s Wedding” and “Young Rock”, “The Portable Door” features master names such as Sam Neill, Christoph Waltz and new generation actors such as Patrick Gibson, as well as Miranda Otto, Damon Herriman, Sophie Wilde, It also stars Jessica De Gouw, Rachel House and Christopher Sommers.

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