Michael Caine Announces Semi-Retirement: “At 90, I Can’t Walk Properly Anymore”

In 2021, Michael Caine caused quite a stir when he hinted that his role in Lina Roessler’s comedy “Best Sellers” might be his last in his career. However, his representatives were quick to clarify that this announcement was premature, as Caine was already considering two new film projects at the time. Fast forward two years, and it appears that Caine has indeed entered a state of retirement.

In a recent profile with The Telegraph, Caine shared, “I am now 90 years old, and I face challenges with walking properly and other issues. I would say I am, in a way, retired now.”

If Caine has indeed retired, then his final film could be “The Great Escaper.” This film, featuring Glenda Jackson, is based on the true story of Bernard “Bernie” Jordan, a Royal Navy veteran who, at the age of 89, disappeared from his nursing home to journey to France, where he wished to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Caine expressed his delight in taking on the role of Bernie, emphasizing his admiration for the character and the quality of the script. Despite a three-year hiatus due to Covid, he found renewed joy in acting.

However, at his age, it was a challenging endeavor. Caine relied on a walking stick for certain scenes, performing them just once before taking a tumble. Director Oliver Parker ensured Caine’s workload was manageable given his pace, acknowledging the significance of his return to acting.

Parker highlighted the rarity of seeing Caine portray a character with such fragility, contrasting his typical carefree, confident, and cool persona. Michael’s ability to share vulnerabilities deeply impressed him.

Reflecting on his 90 years, Caine candidly spoke about the limitations of age, lamenting the loss of activities like running and playing football and acknowledging the inexorable approach of mortality.

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