Gillian Anderson has been cast in the new Western series called ‘The Abandons’ on Netflix

Gillian Anderson has officially joined the cast of “The Abandons,” an upcoming Western series created by Kurt Sutter, set to premiere on Netflix.

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Anderson has joined Lena Headey in the upcoming show, which was officially ordered by the streaming platform in October 2022. According to a source familiar with the matter, Anderson’s involvement had been under negotiation prior to the start of the writers’ strike but was recently finalized.

Described as a series, the show revolves around a collection of diverse and unconventional families embarking on their Manifest Destiny during the 1850s in Oregon. However, their pursuit of a better life is hindered by a corrupt and powerful entity seeking to claim their land. These marginalized individuals, living on the outskirts of society, come together to form a united family and fight against this oppressive force. In this tumultuous struggle, the concept of “justice” is stretched beyond the conventional boundaries of the law.

Anderson has been cast as Constance, a formidable figure who assumes the role of the matriarch in the affluent Van Ness family. Following her husband’s passing, she not only inherited his substantial mining fortune but also skillfully multiplied it. Despite facing ingrained prejudice against women within the town, she adeptly leverages her wealth, charisma, and unwavering determination to forge a network of influential political allies. In Constance’s worldview, supremacy lies in the triumvirate of power, wealth, and lineage, surpassing all other considerations.

Gillian Anderson, renowned for her roles in various television series and films, continues her collaboration with Netflix in their latest series. Currently starring in “Sex Education,” with the fourth season slated for release in the upcoming fall, Anderson has already garnered critical acclaim for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in Season 4 of “The Crown,” earning accolades such as an Emmy, SAG Award, and Golden Globe.

Widely recognized as Dana Scully from the immensely popular Fox series “The X-Files” and its accompanying films, Anderson has also showcased her talent in productions like “The Fall,” and movies such as “The House of Mirth,” “The Mighty Celt,” and “The Last King of Scotland.”

In 2022, Anderson signed an exclusive television deal with Netflix, solidifying her ongoing partnership with the streaming platform. Represented by UTA in the U.S. and Independent Talent Group in the U.K., she continues to thrive in the realm of entertainment.

Netflix has given the green light to “The Abandons,” a compelling series consisting of 10 episodes. Created by Kurt Sutter, who also assumes the role of showrunner and executive producer under his SutterInk production banner, the show promises to captivate audiences. Joining Sutter as executive producer is Emmy Grinwis.

The experienced Stephen Surjik will serve as both director and executive producer, with Otto Bathurst taking the helm for the first episode and also serving as an executive producer. With this impressive lineup of talent, “The Abandons” is poised to deliver a riveting viewing experience.

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